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The App That Didn’t Happen

Some time ago, someone approached me asking if I would be interested in having an app developed of my blog (for free, I did not put any money on this). The app was going to be available for download to Iphones and Ipads. I got so excited and almost immediately said yes. 
I, of course,  went to their website, checked their profile and did my little research. The company is based in Dublin, Ireland with an office in New York, everything looked legit. They said they wanted the app to focus on baked goods rather than savory dishes, we were going to use some of my existent recipes but I had to come up with 10 cupcake recipes to make the app more “special”. I had a period 
of two months to create and photograph the recipes. When I was finally done, I sent all my artwork to them and they gave me a release date which I was expecting anxiously. That day never came. I didn’t get an email or anything with an explanation. A few days later I sent them an email asking what the status of the app was. 
A week later they sent me an apology email saying that the release date changed because “they had a lot of work” and they hadn’t even started on the app yet.  “it should be ready in a month”  they said. A month went by and, guess what? No news from them. At that point I knew that it wasn’t going to happen anymore but I was still curious to know what kind of “excuse” they would give me this time. So I sent them an email and they replied 3 weeks later saying “Sorry, we have a lot of work right now and we are not able to go through this project at the moment. Since we have no contract, feel free to look for another developer” 
I was sad, I admit it. Not only because I worked and put a lot of thought into this app but also because of my inexperience. The way I handled it, I probably should have asked for a contract, I don’t know, what would you have done in my place? I guess you live and learn and this was for sure a lesson. 
For the longest time I didn’t know what to do with all the recipes and I didn’t want to just post them on the blog like nothing ever happened. I created the recipes for something special therefore I wanted to do something special with them. But I had another issue, I was embarrassed to tell the story. But one day I said “wait a minute, I did nothing wrong, inexperience is not a sin, it’s a part of life. THEY should be the ones embarrassed, not me”  And that’s how “Delicious Cupcakes” was created. I have been working on this post for a couple of weeks. Not only designing everything but also writing the story, hoping that people can take note and perhaps be more cautious if they come across with something like this. 
I hope you enjoy it!

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