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I had to get it out of my chest

“You are going to need surgery” said Dr. Cane. I sat there in silence, trying to process what I just heard. “Make sure you don’t leave your scissors or any other equipment inside” I replayed. We started to laugh, I guess it was a nervous reaction. To make a long story short, a week earlier a CAT scan revealed a mass the size of an apricot in my chest. Because of the location, a needle biopsy was not an option “the only way to know with certainty what it is, is by taking it out” said Dr. Cane. Everything was happening so fast, within a week I had to organize my life before undergoing surgery. What? It seemed so surreal, like it wasn’t happening to me. 
In one week I had to somehow get a second opinion (which I did and the other doctor agreed with Dr. Cane), had to finish off some projects, suspend others, my blog became part of Martha Stewart Circle of Blogs and got my new online shop up and running (a long time project finally ready, click HERE to check it out).

The surgery was this past Friday. After three hours of surgery, they were able to remove the whole thing. I was able to go home on Sunday. The recovery is very painful but everyday it gets better. I feel lucky to have plenty of help from family, friends and my lovely husband who hasn’t left my side for a minute. I definitely feel better and I’m hoping to share a recipe with you by next week. Until then!

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