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Panela Poached Figs

Yes, another fig recipe. I have to. I have so many of them, I’m turning purple. My favorite part about having so many figs (besides eating them) is that I get to can them and enjoy them in the middle of winter, when I crave them. Canning is so much fun, it’s like trapping a season in a jar. While tomatoes don’t taste like tomatoes in Winter, you have the real deal sitting on your pantry. I always can figs two ways; I make jam which is great because I can use it in so many ways, not just with bread in the morning. Also, I slowly poach figs in panela and cinnamon for two hours until tender but still keeping them whole.

Poached figs in panela is such a great dessert option. Slightly warm them and they  pair fantastically with ice cream. Also works great with cakes, tarts, panna cotta, the list is endless. Yes, it takes two hours to cook but there isn’t much to do while they are poaching, just check them once in a while to make sure they have enough liquid. Also, lets talk about how wonderful your whole house will smell, you will want to poach another batch just to keep the smell going. If you cooked fish that day, that would be the day to poach figs 🙂 

1 ½ pounds figs
2 cinnamon sticks
5 cups water
1 lb panela
Jars, I used Ball Jars, 
you can find them HERE
In a pot, place the water, cinnamon sticks and panela. Boil until the panela has dissolved (it shouldn’t take long). Continue to boil for ten minutes then add the figs, lower the heat to medium and cook (uncover) for 2 hours. Check occasionally to make sure they have enough liquid. It will thicken when cool so be careful. Ladle hot figs and poaching liquid into sterilized jars and wipe clean the rim of the jars. Close the jars with sterilized lids. Place the the jars into a pot with boiling water (I use a steamer pot)  and boil for 10 minutes.
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