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Carnival Birthday Party

My big boy Lucas just turned 5-years old on Saturday. I can’t believe it. This year we made a carnival themed party which was his idea. I love it because he was involved in the planning of his own party. The first thing he asked “make my favorite cake in the whole world” He was talking about THIS classic chocolate cake. This has been his favorite cake since he first had it. I don’t blame him, that chocolate cake is just amazing.
We did a lot of fun stuff and today I’m sharing some photos of what we did, to hopefully give you ideas if you are planning your own birthday party. As you may or may not know, I do graphic design so I designed a lot of the stuff like the bubble gum and chocolate wrappers. I also made tickets that went with the invitations so that all kids could claim their goodie bag at the end of the party. That was fun. Also the cake topper which you can download!! I included the entire alphabet so that you can personalize your name.
These were the prizes that kids got when they won a game, a big chocolate bar and a toy. These were a success, kids just loved them! I also made caramelized popcorn with peanuts. It was a mistake to make this the day before because we couldn’t stop eating it. They came out sooo good!! I promise to get you the recipe soon because you must have it!
We also had face painting and a photo booth too. The idea was to take photos of everyone who came to the party and later send thank you notes along with their photo booth picture. I hope this post inspires you for your own party. Below is the cake topper ready to be download!
Get the chocolate cake recipe HERE
Download  the cake topper HERE
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